The New Normal

I created this work as a personal response to the time we live in, in which “the new normal” divides the society, taints our lives and fills them with scepticism and fear.

The New Normal, mixed-media on canvas 100x70cm

This piece is a mixed-media work on canvas, 100x70cm. It is a combination of gel medium transfers, digital collage and acrylic paint on canvas.

The work consists of a self-portrait and a textual collage that depicts the global pandemic wall of information. It contains approximately one hundred selected headlines from newspapers gathered from around the world.

The black-and-yellow is the symbolic combination of colours representing the pandemic. The yellow colour surrounds the subject and accentuates the pre-contrasted and oversaturated maze of the news that has entrapped us all since the beginning of this global pandemic.

Furthermore, the yellow colour symbolically implies that news is now the same as “yellow press”. Instead of being a source of information, it creates confusion, a feeling of overwhelm, but beyond that uncertainty of what is true anymore and what is politicization, manipulation, etc.

Close-up detail #1
Close-up detail #2
Close-up detail #3
Close-up detail #4
Close-up detail #5
Canvas sides detail #1
Canvas sides detail #2

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